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Port Blair To Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)


Cruise Name Departure TimeArrival TimeTotal DurationClassCost
Sea Link Cruise06:0008:0002:00PremiumRs. 1407.00
Sea Link Cruise06:0008:0002:00Premium+ Rs. 1466.00
Green Ocean 206:0008:0002:00LuxuryRs. 1525.00
Green Ocean 2 06:0008:0002:00RoyalRs. 1643.00
Sea Link Cruise 06:0008:0002:00Business Rs. 1800.00
Makruzz 106:3008:0001:30Premium Rs. 1525.00
Makruzz 106:3008:0001:30DeluxeRs. 2056.00
Makruzz 208:0009:3001:30DeluxeRs. 1918.00
ITT Majestic Cruise08:3009:4501:15SilverRs. 1564.00
ITT Majestic Cruise08:3009:4501:15MajestyRs. 1800.00
Green Ocean 212:3014:4502:15LuxuryRs. 1643.00
Green Ocean 212:3014:4502:15Royal Rs. 1623.00
ITT Majestic Cruise13:0014:1501:15SilverRs. 1564.00
ITT Majestic Cruise13:0014:1501:15MajestyRs. 1820.00
Makruzz 214:0015:3001:30DeluxeRs. 2056.00

Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) To Port Blair


Cruise NameDeparture TimeArrival TimeTotal DurationClassCost
Makruzz 108:3010:0001:30PremiumRs.1525.00
Makruzz 108:3010:0001:30DeluxeRs.2056.00
ITT Majestic Cruise10:1512:3002:15SilverRs.1564.00
ITT Majestic Cruise10:1512:3002:15MajestyRs.1800.00
Makruzz 114:4516:4502:00PremiumRs.1525.00
ITT Majestic Cruise14:4516:0001:15SilverRs.1584.00
ITT Majestic Cruise14:4516:0001:15MajestyRs.1820.00
Makruzz 114:4516:4502:00DeluxeRs.2056.00
Green Ocean 215:0017:0002:00LuxuryRs.1525.00
Green Ocean 215:0017:0002:00RoyalRs.1643.00
Makruzz 216:0017:4501:45DeluxeRs.2056.00

Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) To Neil (Shaheed Dweep)


Cruise NameDeparture TimeArrival TimeTotal DurationClassCost
Green Ocean 208:3009:3001:00LuxuryRs. 1053.00
Green Ocean 208:3009:3001:00RoyalRs. 1112.00
Sea Link Cruise08:4510:0001:15PremiumRs. 1053.00
Sea Link Cruise08:4510:0001:15Premium+Rs. 1112.00
Sea Link Cruise08:4510:0001:15BusinessRs. 1525.00
Makruzz 210:0011:1501:15PremiumRs. 1289.00
Makruzz 210:0011:1501:15DeluxeRs. 1643.00
ITT Majestic Cruise10:1511:1501:00SilverRs. 1328.00
ITT Majestic Cruise10:1511:1501:00MajestyRs. 1564.00

Neil (Shaheed Dweep) To Port Blair


Cruise NameDeparture TimeArrival TimeTotal DurationClassCost
Green Ocean 209:4511:1501:30EconomyRs. 1289.00
Green Ocean 209:4511:1501:30LuxuryRs. 1525.00
Green Ocean 209:4511:1501:30RoyalRs. 1643.00
Sea Link Cruise10:3012:0001:30PremiumRs. 1230.00
Sea Link Cruise10:3012:0001:30Premium+Rs. 1289.00
Sea Link Cruise10:3012:0001:30BusinessRs. 1584.00
ITT Majestic Cruise11:3012:3001:00SilverRs. 1466.00
ITT Majestic Cruise11:3012:3001:00MajestyRs. 1702.00
Makruzz 211:3012:4501:15DeluxeRs. 1761.00


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