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Rangat is the second largest town in the Andaman islands. Just like Mayabunder, this town is not very popular with tourists. It is rarely on the traveler’s list of must-see places, but those who do end up here can be surprised by the attractions it has to offer. There are unique beaches, some with volcanic rocks and other with pristine sand, perfect for turtle nesting during the season (December to January). There are mangrove sanctuaries and awareness centers with the longest walking trails among mangrove forest in India. After the monsoons, one can even visit a scenic waterfall or wander around enormous plantations of spices.

All sights are more or less equidistant from Rangat and some planning has to be done if you want to explore all of them. The town itself has nothing much to offer. There are some shops, with the well-stocked market, food stalls and plenty of chai sellers. Fisheries and cultivation are the two primary occupations of locals. Since they see few tourists, they can seem over-friendly and sometimes even over-charge for services.

How to Reach?

Rangat is 210 km from Port Blair and 70 km south of Mayabunder. Rangat is well connected by road and sea route. This place is in the middle part of the Andaman Islands. Travelers visiting Baratang can make Rangat as their destination to stay and continuing to Havelock. It is nearly 3 hours journey from Baratang to Rangat. The journey is through Jarawa reserve. The unpolluted atmosphere, a blissful ambiance and the quiet village life of Rangat attracts tourists to come to Andaman and enjoy the vitality of nature.

Sightseeing in Rangat-


1. Amkunj Beach

Amkunj beach is a sandy beach near Rangat (in Middle Andaman) Aamkunj beach is located at a distance of about 8 km from Rangat and is 1 km. from the Nimbutala helipad, on the way towards Mayabunder. This beach is around 70 meters from the Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) is ideal for swimming and sun basking. The Department of Forest has built eco-huts, groves and also a Treehouse at the beach. During the low tides, the beach provides an opportunity to observe sea animals, fishes, and shallow water corals.


2. Moorys Dare

Moorys Dare is a rocky mountainous terrain opposite to Amkunj Bay, which will perfectly suit the requirements of adventure tourists interested in trekking. The trekking spot is fantabulous.


3. Cuthbert Bay

Cuthbert Bay Beach Cuthbert Bay Beach is a ‘not so famous’ beach in the Andaman Island but its pristine beauty beats all the other beaches in the region. Adding on to its mesmerizing grandeur, this beach is quite serene compared to other beaches and has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere.


4. Panchavati Hills

Panchavati Hills is a photographer’s heaven, as it comprises of gorgeous waterfalls, lush greenery, and a very serene atmosphere. If you want to stay amidst the enthralling beauty of nature, this is definitely a place for you.


5. Long Island

Long Island boasts beautiful beaches, cozy caves, green rolling hills, and stunning mangroves. It also flaunts its lush green tropical forests including Tidal Swamp forests and Evergreen Forests, and a unique marine ecosystem. This island has the famous ‘Lalaji Bay’ beach, which is rated as truly world class. Read More..

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