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Sea Walk

Sea Walk Andaman

Sea Walk

Sea Walk in Andaman, is one of the best ways to experience underwater marine life. A unique experience, this is a great way to observe different varieties of fish and corals. The sea walk is a rare life time experience. Here, you literally walk the sea bed with corals and the colorful sea life giving you an interesting company. The organizers provide you with oxygen masks and train you well before letting you go Scot free. Needless to say, a trip inside the blue wonderland will be nothing less than mesmerizing. Sea bed walking allows one to explore the brilliant marine flora and fauna off the Islands from extremely close quarters and more often than not, from within touching distance of fish, in their natural habitat.

The Sea walk is experienced under the strict supervision and guidance of highly trained and internationally certified instructors who are with you throughout the entire experience. They ensure infallible and uncompromising safety while completely averting any difficult eventuality. The tour begins with a boat ride transferring you onto a pontoon which is anchored of the coast, measuring 1600sq ft with elaborate facilities such as changing rooms, lockers, wash rooms etc. At this point the guides brief the walkers on basic hand gestures, safety procedures and the actual steps to be taken during the sea walk.

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